01. After the death of the President, there was a serious battle between different [factions] for control of the country.
02. The different political [factions] within the country are calling upon the military government to restore democratic rule.
03. The leaders of the two warring [factions] are meeting in an effort to bring an end to hostilities.
04. The U.S. has been making lots of money selling arms to the different [factions] at war in the region.
05. The country is divided into five political [factions], each maintained by its own military.
06. Under the peace accord, all [factions] are to be disarmed and their forces replaced by a national army.
07. The Royal family has been split into two rival [factions].
08. The leader of a radical [faction] of the I.R.A. has promised to sabotage the peace talks.
09. Peace talks have broken off following an attack in a crowded market place by a [faction] loyal to the former communist leader.
10. The leader of the largest rebel [faction] has expressed little interest in negotiating with the present government.
11. John Russell once said that it is impossible that the whisper of a [faction] should prevail against the voice of a nation.
12. In Afghanistan, the U.S. is supporting a [faction] known as the Northern Alliance in its bid to oust the Taliban government.
13. A small but militant [faction] of the IRA is refusing to lay down its arms as required under a peace agreement negotiated with the British.
14. In January of 1994, more than 70 people were killed, and at least 670 were injured after two days of [factional] battles in the Afghan capital Kabul.
15. The major political [factions] in Afghanistan continue to profit from the illegal drug trade.
16. Numerous warlords and [factions] in Somalia are still fighting for control of Mogadishu and the other southern regions.

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